WVSH Creative Director Koran Fields-Cameron

WVSH Creative Director Koran Fields-Cameron


An Explanation straight from the horses mouth

                  This is a story that starts at my birth. My mother attended the Fashion Institute in New York City when she was pregnant with me and ultimately dropped out. She moved in with my Father and although he lived a fast lifestyle of hustling.They were very much in love. One day they returned to find our house had been robbed and my father wasted no time in finding out who and why. He eventually found the man and shot him. Since he did not die, my father went to jail for attempted murder and the police seized what we had left due to his illicit activity which left us homeless until the age of 5.                          We lived at a shelter until we got our first place and I mostly stayed in the books. I always had a a fascination with art, civil issues, and public speaking. I would speak over the school intercom, recite Maya Angelou at church, and go on to give speeches to 1000+ people by the age of 10. Life came with many more twists and turns but the one thing that stayed consistent was the appreciation of art and the power of perception. How you could take these situations and mold them into a positive more direct manner and use them as motivational fuel. Although i tried to go against the grain and got in my fair share of trouble and fights as a teen, I always remained book smart and strategic. Since I had a very natural inclination to strategy, I figured the Marine Corps would be a perfect fit for my young aggression. One of my previous mentors was a Marine and he had no problem snatching me up by the collar when i wasn't  representing myself in a manner becoming of a young man in an urban area, so the idea really sat well with me of being that strong willed man with a sense or morals.

      I went off to San Diego at 17 and never looked back. The 8 years of my enlistment went by relatively fast and a lot of personal issues started falling through the cracks from post deployment issues, alcoholism, divorce, and the fact that i got $100,000 just to re enlist at 20 years old definitely added fuel to the fire. By the time I had gotten out I had been in and out of
jail and I was genuinely an unhappy person. Somewhere along the way I had lost that fire I had as a child and the most uncertain of the future I had ever been. All of a sudden I didn't have purpose it was like I was going through another system again by going to college just to take general education classes. I knew something had to change. All the years of being bigger than the planet made me feel so small in the end. That is  when I really decided to humble myself, dig deep, and create a purpose. What came out of that was WVSH. Win Victories. Stay Humble.

     I wasn't sure how but I knew i had to make my own destiny and it had to be in the arts or I wouldn't be fulfilled. I had a brain storm and a long convo with my mother and created a strategy that could hit all those requirements. I enrolled in pattern-making classes, draping classes, Computer aided design classes, illustration classes, sewing classes, printing classes, etc. Until I finally came up with designs solid enough to carry my message. With more hard work and dedication came more opportunity. I eventually arrived at the doorsteps of Phoenix Fashion Week. I hope this brand can be that journey for so many other because through creating it I've discovered that not only am I not alone, but that the people who believe in this genuinely want to see this succeed. WVSH is a story about not only me but countless young visionaries out there
who  are sacrificing bits and pieces of them old selves along the way in order to get to a place they have never been.